Help De-platform Schooner Creek Farm from Etsy

Help De-platform Schooner Creek Farm from Etsy You must be signed into an Etsy account to report a store. Go to the SCF Etsy store: Scroll down & click on “Report this store to Etsy” (left-hand side on your browser).  Select “They sell items that don’t meet Etsy’s policies” followed by “prohibited users or […]

Open Letter to Go Fund Me Executives

Download the PDF February 1, 2021 Dear Executives of Go Fund Me, We are members of No Space for Hate, a research group that tracks far-right extremist and white nationalist activity in the Midwest. We write to you today with concerns about the campaign started by Sarah Dye of Schooner Creek Farm, a white nationalist […]

White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus

White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus Download the PDF For many people in Bloomington and at Indiana University, Neo-Nazi and Neo-Fascist recruitment is reprehensible but free speech, and therefore falls under the protections and privileges enumerated in the first amendment. [1] This attitude toward hate speech and imagery ignores the way hate groups utilize encoded […]

NSFH Mutual Aid for COVID-19

NSFH Mutual Aid for COVID-19 Welcome to the Mutual Aid network! We are located in Monroe County, Indiana, USA and consist of a coalition of community members and organizations working together to make sure no one gets left behind. In these fast moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other […]

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Monroe County Mutual Aid

NSFH is proud to host Monroe County Mutual Aid on Facebook. If you are looking for assistance, please fill out the Mutual Aid form by hovering over "MoCo Mutual Aid" in the menu bar or join our Facebook group by clicking the image above.

Courtesy of Kt Shepherd Permaculture