The Market in Context: A Timeline

A detailed list of key events and publications around the issue of white supremacy in the Bloomington Community Farmers Market. TIMELINE Tips for using this timeline: Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page if you want to select a position on the timeline itself. You can change the scale […]

No Space for Hate’s Statement on Mayor Hamilton’s Recommendations

The packet for Thursday’s meeting is up on the city government website and available for download. It includes Mayor Hamilton’s recommendation for the market’s future. We want to highlight certain points in advance of Thursday’s Board of Parks Commissioners meeting at City Council chambers, 4 PM, January 9. Our letter to the city stipulated that […]

Ásatrú, Neo-Nazism, and Free Speech: Updates on Volkmom and the Farmers’ Market Protests​
Alt-right IU Professor

Racist, sexist IU Kelley School Professor shares his hateful views with the Twitterverse

Wear Purple to the Farmers’ Market

Support our friends in the Purple Shirt Brigade and spread awareness about the boycott of Schooner Creek Farm by wearing purple to the downtown market on Saturday!

Informational Videos

At No Space for Hate, we aim to provide quality, up to date information about the white supremacist vendors in our Farmers’ Market as well as their allies and affiliated organizations. Please check out our YouTube channel for informational videos about white supremacy in Bloomington’s Farmers’ Market.

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