White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus

White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus Download the PDF For many people in Bloomington and at Indiana University, Neo-Nazi and Neo-Fascist recruitment is reprehensible but free speech, and therefore falls under the protections and privileges enumerated in the first amendment. [1] This attitude toward hate speech and imagery ignores the way hate groups utilize encoded […]

NSFH Statement in Support of Vauhxx Booker

July 13, 2020 No Space for Hate supports Vauhxx Booker in his fight for justice. We condemn local government’s failure to take any action, including Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, who have yet to arrest the perpetrators of the vile assault against Mr. Booker. We also decry the absence of effective […]

NSFH Mutual Aid for COVID-19

NSFH Mutual Aid for COVID-19 Welcome to the Mutual Aid network! We are located in Monroe County, Indiana, USA and consist of a coalition of community members and organizations working together to make sure no one gets left behind. In these fast moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other […]

The Market in Context: A Timeline

A detailed list of key events and publications around the issue of white supremacy in the Bloomington Community Farmers Market. TIMELINE Tips for using this timeline: Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page if you want to select a position on the timeline itself. You can change the scale […]

Ásatrú, Neo-Nazism, and Free Speech: Updates on Volkmom and the Farmers’ Market Protests​
Informational Videos

At No Space for Hate, we aim to provide quality, up to date information about the white supremacist vendors in our Farmers’ Market as well as their allies and affiliated organizations. Please check out our YouTube channel for informational videos about white supremacy in Bloomington’s Farmers’ Market.

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