Statement Calling for Candidates to Boycott HT & Our Endorsement Policy

Letter to candidates

Dear Local Candidates,

We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to you with information about our endorsement policy, and with a request. In light of the Herald Times’s recent article profiling white supremacist farmer Sarah Dye, we are requesting that local political candidates consider making a pledge not to advertise their run in the Herald Times, and more importantly to make a commitment in your campaign platforms to confront white supremacy and racism in its overt and systemic manifestations.

Beyond its lack of fact-checking, the article was uncritical about Sarah Dye’s white supremacist ties, and generated sympathy for her while failing to interrogate many of her claims. No Space for Hate was not interviewed for Lane’s piece; neither were activists from Black Lives Matter Bloomington. What’s missing also is any mention of American Identity Movement president Patrick Casey being at the market and featured on SCF’s page, Nolan or Kiyomi Brewer, RediceTV, or anti-Semitism; it takes at face value her claim that she did not welcome certain gun-toting militia members to the market. It does not mention the harassment that local vendors of color endured.

To publish an article like this in the first week of Black History Month is, quite frankly, disrespectful. It is part of a pattern of behavior that must be confronted. In July, they published activist and professor Cara Caddoo’s home address following her arrest, putting her and her family at risk of white supremacist danger and violence.

Thank you for your solidarity and your support as we fight to eradicate white supremacy systemically.

No Space for Hate

Black Lives Matter Bloomington

Endorsement policy

As we enter campaign season, we would like to remind our supporters that No Space for Hate does not endorse candidates for office or political parties, or engage in direct campaigning. Members and supporters of our group participate as individuals in campaigns, and doing so is neither a violation of our group’s rules, nor an endorsement by No Space for Hate.


We appreciate the support of candidates in our mission, and we hope that each candidate commits to fighting white supremacy as it manifests both overtly and systematically, and that anti-racist and anti-fascist work is part of their campaign platform. We encourage civic engagement and will continue to work to educate candidates on supporting policies that work towards a more just and inclusive society.