Help us investigate the Capitol attack

Below are images of an Indiana-based group planning and attending the DC Capitol riots on January 6th. If you think someone you know in Indiana may have been involved, please take a moment to look through these images, and write us at if you have any information! We will update the page as we collect  information.

Our research team has identified a large group from Indiana who were in DC during the attempted coup on January 6th, 2021. These individuals organized on Facebook, traveled together, stayed together, and several of them were videographed and photographed together. We have been able to ID some individuals, but we are asking the public for any information you might have. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to our website, where you can view all of the screenshots we have related to this trip. 

The event, “The March for Trump,” was organized by Mary Beth Clauss (aka “Mary Craft”), whom we have included some photos of here. In an interview, Clauss indicates she is a Columbus native who has organized Trump car rallies. Mary Clauss is also a delegate for the Indiana Republican state convention representing Bartholomew county. We’ve also identified Michael Willoughby, David Theile, Rochelle Swisher, Lisa Spacaj-Gustin, and Kim and Andy Harris as active participants on the event board as well as several other users. We are continuing to collect and process more data, including from the recent Parler drop. We are looking for any information you might have on the individuals in the photos below or in the screenshotted posts on our website. 

We do not know the extent of their activities in DC beyond that David Theile and a number of other unidentified members of “The March for Trump” group appear to have been invited to speak with Mike Braun. Braun set up a photo op with a Trump Train group just before a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building. Michael Willoughby filmed the conversation with Braun & streamed it on his Facebook. These individuals were easily identified thanks to the fact that both Braun and the participants proudly displayed the photos on their social media accounts. We have some serious questions for Braun about his involvement with this group. Given that he met and took photos with a crowd of Indiana Trump Train individuals in DC, has he turned over video and photo evidence to the FBI? Senator Braun, are you working to the fullest extent of your ability with law enforcement to identify coup participants?

The threat of white supremacist violence is far from over. In fact, the march on the Capitol has had precisely the emboldening effect that experts have feared. We must continue to investigate, expose, and prosecute the individuals involved in storming the Capitol building and threatening lawmakers in order to send a message that white supremacy and domestic terrorism will not be tolerated. Furthermore, based on the data our research team has reviewed, we are very concerned about the involvement of Indiana off-duty law enforcement, firemen and EMTs in the storming of the Capitol. We are calling for an investigation into participation by local first responders in the Capitol attack.

"March for Trump" Planning Chats

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DC Photographs


YouTube playlist of video footage from Capitol posted by Facebook users