How Can I Help?

Here's how:

  • Read and share our Report
  • Boycott Schooner Creek Farms
  • Help flyer at the market to raise awareness about the boycott
  • Write Marcia Veldman at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market
    • Urge the BFMC to pursue the harassment complaints that have been filed against SCF and their affiliates by being more transparent about these reports and investigating whether Farmer’s Market policy can be updated to address them:
    • Ask the Market to change the rules about informational flyers. The Farmer’s Market does not currently allow people to hand out informational flyers in the market, and we believe that it should.
    • Ask that all vendors be required to display their business’s name clearly.
  • Write Mayor John Hamilton and City Council to ask the City to establish a committee to investigate the presence of white supremacist organizations in our community
  • Write your City Council representative and ask them about what steps they are taking to address this issue: 
  • Write a Letter to the Editor about the threat of Neo-Nazism in our community
  • Share “No Space for Hate” events on Facebook
  • Follow “No Space for Hate” on Instagram
  • Stop by the “No Space for Hate” table at the Market and grab one of our stickers to wear
  • Make informational memes about IE/AIM for “No Space for Hate” to share
  • Write us at for more information on how to get involved
  • Donate to our campaign on Facebook
  • Donate to our Funds for Farmers program on GoFundMe
  • Buy merchandise