American Identity Movement in Bloomington: Responses & Reactions

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Recently, our community learned that the proprietors of Schooner Creek Farms—Sarah Dye and Douglas Mackey—were named as members of a Neo-Nazi organization in an FBI interview with a man who attacked a synagogue in Carmel. He identified them as members of a group called Identity Evropa, and he provided Dye’s Online handle, “Volkmom.” In May, activists connected the handle “Volkmom” to Sarah Dye through pictures of her farm and personal details she posted on a white supremacist channel in a server on the website Discord. No Space for Hate released an earlier report describing IE (newly rebranded as the American Identity Movement or “AmIM”) and what we know about Dye and Mackey’s connection to the man who attacked the synagogue. That report can be accessed here.

This report will cover some of the aftermath of Dye and Mackey’s exposure. It discusses responses from Schooner Creek Farms, the broader community, Market officials, and the City’s decision to close the market. We have assembled this information through a combination of interviews, online research, and Freedom of Information Act requests.