Dr. Cara Caddoo’s arrest

Dr. Cara Caddoo was arrested on the morning of July 27 for trespassing on Market property. She stood across from SCF’s booth holding a protest sign. Market officials claim to have rules against protest signs in the market and request that protesters hold signs or pass out flyers in information alley or on the perimeter of the market. Paula McDevitt, Director of Parks and Recreation, called the police to confront Dr. Caddoo. When she declined to lower her sign or move, she was taken into custody. She did not resist arrest.

Schooner Creek Farms supporter flashing a white power sign (July 27)

For several months, member of NSFH have submitted written and verbal requests for the Market’s policies banning protest signs in the market. These rules were never produced. On the Wednesday following Dr. Caddoo’s arrest, members of NSFH met with Market director Marcia Veldman and discovered that these rules had never been written down. The first appearance of these rules in writing was on July 27. NSFH strongly condemns the arrest of Dr. Caddoo for violating unwritten rules.

Furthermore, NSFH members witnessed harassment of Dr. Caddoo and bystanders by the individuals surrounding Dye and Mackey. These included intentionally blocking Dr. Caddoo and others, dangling a plastic bag with food they had purchased in front of Dr. Caddoo’s face, and flashing a white power sign. The police asked some of these individuals to move, which they did, but several of them returned to their places shortly after. Parks and Recreation did not request that these individuals be arrested.