Market closure

In response to the heightened threat from white supremacists like Brien James and gun rights advocates like Gary Weddell of the Three Percenters, the City of Bloomington chose to shut down the market. While we are glad the City is taking action, we are deeply concerned about the effect this closure will have on vendors. NSFH wishes that the City had acted sooner to investigate SCF, especially the claims of harassment against them. While we appreciate the Mayor using the press conference to denounce white supremacy, we wish he would have done so immediately after learning about Dye and Mackey’s activities. Perhaps a closure could have been avoided.

NSFH is proud to be able to provide information about options the public has for supporting vendors. Our members, which include vendors and local small business owners, have worked tirelessly since the Mayor’s announcement to find and create options for affected businesses. Vendors wishing to learn more about any of these opportunities can email