A Response from No Space for Hate to Patrick Casey

Normally, NSFH doesn’t respond directly to online remarks made about us by Neo-Nazis. There is little need to engage with their attempts to bait us, Bloomington City Government, vendors, or other members of the community. However, Patrick Casey, leader of the American Identity Movement (AmIM), shared an article that offers a unique opportunity to talk about how contemporary Neo-Nazi dissimulation works. As an especially impressive piece of propaganda, it provides a window onto their normalization strategies. We can show how these tactics are informed by Nazi ideology, but also how they have evolved in the twenty-first century. We’re including the full article as well as Casey’s citation of it. For more information, please see our first two reports here and here.

Patrick Casey & AmIM claim to be non-violent. If they’re not hurting anyone, shouldn’t they be left alone?

American Identity Movement chooses to use less confrontational language in order to recruit what they call “normies.” They bring in individuals who might not be sympathetic to white supremacy by using “dissimulation,” a tactic that Nazis (and other cult-like organizations) use to attract new members by deflecting from their true intent. AmIM’s main goal is a race war and genocide. Dissimulation is a strategy for getting there. This quote from @Erika, a lead Charlottesville organizer and Sarah Dye’s Identity Evropa recruiter, demonstrates clearly how this strategy is supposed to work:

“We throw them off… with nice guy nationalism… then BAM! Slam the door on the oven” is a modern, gauche expression of a tactic that the Third Reich employed to great effect. Joseph Goebbels, leader of the Nazi propaganda effort, recognized the importance of choosing rhetorical tactics to suit the times. In one of his earliest publications, he wrote, “Do not be a crackpot anti-Semite, but keep away from the ​Berliner Tageblatt.​” What this means is, “Do not say that you’re anti-Semitic, but avoid liberal newspapers associated with Jewish influence.” Pretending that these “milder” versions of anti-Semitism are simply common sense helps to normalize and standardize anti-Semitism as a legitimate form of nationalism. By encouraging people to tolerate small amounts of anti-Semitism, Goebbels was paving the way for more overt action. When AmIM talks about “white pride,” “heritage,” and “nationalism,” they are performing the same kind of dissimulation. ​research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/nazi-sozi.htm

Weren’t Dye and Mackey exonerated by the FBI?

In his interview with the FBI, Nolan Brewer, the Neo-Nazi who attacked a synagogue in Carmel, insisted that Sarah Dye and Douglas Mackey were not aware of his crime. We have reasons to maintain skepticism about this claim. Brewer not only confessed his crime to a number of people, including non-sympathizers, he also misled FBI agents about the individuals with whom he shared information about his crime. We covered this in our first report (the “Volkmom Report”).

Sarah, Doug, and Identity Evropa must have been aware that the Brewers had been arrested when it was announced just after their dinner meeting, yet stayed silent until they were doxxed in the sentencing documents ten months later. At first, Patrick Casey claimed the Brewers were not technically members of Identity Evropa. However, NSFH uncovered that Kiyomi had been enrolled on their official communication server just days after the synagogue attack. Sarah’s only statement, which was quickly retracted, was that she was not being investigated for any crime and was the target of a defamation campaign.

Moreover, the Nolan Brewer case is not the only site of potential criminal activity NSFH is concerned about. When Dye and Mackey were first exposed, Dye was removed from the Nashville Farmer’s Market as a board member and later as a vendor for lying to the board about her affilliations with a white supremacist organization. She also lied in court about her affiliations when she sought a restraining order against an individual who wrote a letter about her activities to the Nashville Market Board. The judge denied her a restraining. Given her Nazi values, this willingness to dissemble raises many red flags.

We absolutely recognize that Americans are innocent until proven guilty. However, as any victim of a crime will attest, just because there is not enough evidence for a criminal conviction does not mean a crime did not occur. We do not believe in unjustly accusing people of crimes. However, when individuals ascribe to dangerous, violent ideologies and display a propensity for dissembling and manipulation, we think it is simply prudent to reserve some skepticism about their claims to be “peaceful,” “non-violent,” or “law-abiding.” It is reasonable to question whether such statements are lies intended to disguise a more sinister intent.

Isn’t the Far Left just as bad as the Far Right?

Our group claims that Neo-Nazis are a threat to the safety and well-being of our community. White supremacists say the same about us: “The Left isn’t just determined to destroy American institutions…they want to poison the small pleasures of American life.”

When you plan to commit violent, terrorizing acts, but you need the support of the majority of the population to do it, you ​must​ cast the people who oppose you as monsters. Here is a member of the Third Reich recounting an incident in which they entered a “liberal” town where Nazis weren’t welcome (much like our own), and how they managed to turn the discourse in their favor:

​In 1925, we held a meeting in the Frankfurter Hof, a restaurant in the peaceful Frankfurt suburb of Hausen. When I say peaceful, I mean only that the larger part of the dear population of the area would have gladly eaten us “handful of damned Nazis” raw or baked at any time. There of all places the “Nazi bandits” chose to set foot, and present the chief of their “Society of Three” as speaker! Three of us accompanied party comrade Sprenger. One could not speak of a protective brigade. The opponent, of course, saw that, and constantly interrupted the meeting, trying to bring it to a violent end. Scarcely had party comrade Sprenger begun to speak when a water bottle was thrown at him. Only Sprenger’s quick reaction kept it from hitting him in the face. We kept that unusual trophy in the party office for a long time. Sprenger continued in a calm and steady manner, as if nothing had happened.

Adalbert Gimbel, ​So kämpften wir! Schilderungen aus der Kampfzeit der NSDAP. im Gau Hessen-Nassau​ (Frankfurt: NS-Verlagsgesellschaft, 1941).

This was a history of the “struggle” of the Nazi party penned by Reich historian Adalbert Gimbel. The point isn’t the details of the anecdote itself, so much as the rhetorical framing of the Nazis as reasonable and long-suffering in the wake of “violent attacks” by leftists. Here, the Nazis presented themselves as non-violent individuals with “ideas” they wanted to share. When these Nazis were forcefully rejected, they cast the anti-fascists as the sources of violence.

The article Casey shared uses terms like “rampage,” “siege,” and “destroy”: words that attempt to frame peaceful protest and the rejection of white supremacy as violence. Handing out flyers and stickers is hardly aggressive or violent. Rather, these actions serve to inform the public of potential threats to their safety. Dye admitted in an interview that she was Volkmom, and neither her nor Mackey have taken pains in recent weeks to disguise their affiliations. Instead, they have maintained that they are simply exercising their free speech. Since Dye embraces her identity as Volkmom and as a member of a known Neo-Nazi organization, making these facts known cannot constitute defamation.
Moreover, we want to draw a distinction between boycotting a business because of its owners views and doxxing individuals as private citizens. When SCF supporters post information about protest organizers, they are inviting their followers to harass individuals online and in their homes. When NSFH shares information about local members of AmIM and confronts them in the Farmer’s Market, we are focused on using the power of boycott and spreading awareness about local attempts to recruit individuals into Neo-Nazi organizations. We want people who are at risk of experiencing discrimination or hate crimes to be aware that there are white supremacists vending at the market so they can make the safest choices for their family. We also want Dye and Mackey to sincerely and fully renounce their Neo-Nazi affiliations or remove themselves from our market. We believe they represent an innate threat to our community.

Didn’t Volkmom just make comments on a website?

The “comments” referenced in the article are from a server called Discord that AmIM (formerly Identity Evropa) used to communicate with one another. There is some disturbing stuff there, but also communication with other IE members about quotidian things like child-rearing and farming. Dye also used Discord to set up a cryptocurrency account and establish a link between her bank account and IE’s account. We do not yet know what IE/AmIM members do with their cryptocurrency accounts beyond paying dues; however, using cryptocurrency makes it much easier for the organization to hide criminal activity that involves monetary transactions. It should be noted that PayPal, banks and other mainstream payment systems refused to host IE accounts due to their status as a Hate Group, which is why they were forced to seek out alternative methods.

Our first report covers Volkmom’s associations with other dangerous AmIM members in detail, while the second deals with the armed militia members who have been attending the market every week in order to “protect” SCF. In particular, we covered their relationship with a man named Peter Diezel, who assisted Doug Mackey at the market on August 24. After our post about Mackey, three individuals came forward to allege that they had been stalked, harassed, or assaulted by Diezel, and to warn others that he was violent and dangerous. But those are just their friends. Volkmom also poses a threat as a recruiter and producer of Online content.

In addition to her own YouTube channel, Volkmom was a valued content creator and collaborator on fledgling alt-right podcast, Midgard Rising, which quickly rose to prominence on TheRightStuff.biz ​She appeared as a guest on the show with YouTube and RedIceTV personality the Blonde Butter Maker and eventually collected her “Volkmom” segments on a separate YouTube channel, Volkhaucity. Describing her as an anonymous commenter on website is entirely disingenuous. While not all of the content from this podcast is still available, we were able to recover some. We are in the process of making brief clips of these episodes featuring Volkmom available on our website for the sake of demonstrating the vile, racist, and abhorrent content that Midgard Rising offers and that Volkmom says she is “honored” to be part of.

But they didn’t do anything to threaten people at the market, right?

The claim that Dye “did nothing to threaten the community” willfully disregards the presence of the Three Percenter militia as well as her attempts to recruit market vendors to IE. Throughout her time at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market, Dye has made her politics the focal point of her interactions with vendors who disagreed with her white supremacist ideas. First-person accounts of vendor interactions with Dye reveal that she attempted to spread her ideology and recruit locals into Identity Evropa. These attempts go back at least five years. Advocating for vendors who have been harassed or targeted by Dye and Mackey or their supporters is an important component of NSFH’s work in the Bloomington community. The second report we released details how the Three Percenters and the American Guard became involved with Schooner Creek Farms in this matter. It explains that Three Percenters have been concealed carrying guns and open carrying other weapons in the market for weeks, claiming that they are there to “protect” Dye and Mackey.

American Greatness article (linked rather than posted because of copyright):