What does IE/AmIM believe?

My family, for example, probably would have disowned me if I joined the National Socialist Movement. But they’re more or less supportive of what I’m doing in IE.” Patrick Casey, leader of IE/AmIM (from Discord leaks of @Reinhard Wolff account – see 1So glad you are talking abt this rn @Reinhard Wolff
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As we’ve already indicated, and as this quote from Casey makes clear, IE/AmIM seeks to offer a more palatable version of white supremacy to young Americans in particular. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “[Richard] Spencer and Casey’s efforts to back away from explicit white nationalist appeals and instead focus on a sympathetic victim … and innocuous-sounding ‘identitarianism’ come straight from the playbook of a larger attempt by the international far right to obscure the genocidal implications of white separatism, which remains at the core of these movements.”2Southern Poverty Law Center, “Patrick Casey, Identity Evropa’s new leader, wants to ditch the ‘alt-right’ for ‘identitarianism’— another euphemism for white nationalism” https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/12/05/patrick-casey-identity-evropa%E2%80%99s-new-leader-wants-ditch-alt-right-identitarianism%E2%80%94-another Identity Evropa is unique for the emphasis they put on creating the ideal Nazi future while making white supremacy palatable, youthful, approachable, and positive.

Volkmom doesn’t just grow vegetables and do Neo-Nazism on the side. That’s an important point for people who are under the impression that these individuals go to work and leave their personal beliefs at home. In the Discord leaks, there were several pictures of Sarah’s farm, specifically her animals and garden. So why was she posting pictures of plants and sheep on a white supremacist board, particularly since they could expose her? Volkmom’s identity as someone who grows their own food, raises their own animals, and plays a traditional role as wife and mother is central to her identity as a white supremacist. To understand that, we have to take a look at what IE/AmIM believes. Because IE/AmIM strives to promote skill-building in its members. From Casey’s Discord account @Reinhard Wolff:

If you’re new or haven’t joined Identity Evropa’s Practical Skills Server, you should. There, we help each other in topics ranging from personal finance and auto mechanics to gardening and outdoorsmanship. We have designated Subject Matter Experts for each topic area, but everyone contributes as we help each other learn and grow.3https://discord.gg/Pz3jYU8

Members can post under different hashtags that correspond to various skills. Volkmom would post her pictures under #farming and #gardening. Other hashtags she posted frequently under include #i-have-kids and #fashion. The idea of working hard and bettering yourself is central to this particular iteration of Neo-Nazism. In Nolan Brewer’s words, “I mean, I was always raised with the Nazi notion of like acting out is not the way, you’re supposed to represent yourself properly, work hard, and show them hey I can be this productive overtop of this person…. So, at work I always work my ass off and try to well, pardon my French but work my ass off and…  try to represent who we are better than others do” (29).

The Nazi “Final Solution” was part of the overall plan to create a perfect Nazi utopia based on an agrarian and industrial empire on territory acquired through conquest. Agrarianism is a philosophy holding that rural life is broadly preferable to urban life. While common portrayals of Nazism and the Holocaust focus on industrial endeavors, the ideal Nazi society was often envisioned in agrarian motifs, and agrarianism played an important role in Nazi ideology: “Struggling to explain the miseries of capitalism and mechanization, these thinkers engaged their present through a historicist lens, correlating modernization with unhappiness and pastoralism with blissful simplicity.”4“Agrarian Conservatism in Germany” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agrarian_Conservatism_in_GermanyThrough hard-work and a commitment to a simpler, more agrarian lifestyle, Germans could create an ideal world. 

In IE/AmIM, Neo-Nazism is not just a belief system – it is a lifestyle. For Volkmom, as for many members of IE/AmIM, her white supremacy is intractably linked to her spiritual, domestic, and working identities. Her YouTube videos offer advice to other “folk” (they pronounce it “volk”) on how to live more “naturally.” She says, “Over many years in the winding path of life, we’ve always sought to live close to nature.”5Volkmom, “Yarrow,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjWBx4Y7f_oShe mentions her “ancestral faith” in her first YouTube video, and she talks about how studying “homesteading” and survival “is ultimately what allowed me a clear enough mind to eventually take the red pill, especially because the alt-right is essentially rooted in what’s natural and biological.”6“Red pill” is a term used in a variety of cyber groups, including Neo-Nazis, to describe awakening from some collective social delusion. In this case, the “red pill” would be the knowledge that IE/AmIM and similar groups have to offer its members that society at large wishes to withhold from them. @Reinhard Wolff defines the red pill as “forbidden knowledge.”Her gardening, cooking, and herbal remedies are all an important facet of her white supremacist identity, and it is primarily these things that she posts about on YouTube.

Her identity as a mother also plays a role in her white supremacist beliefs. She posts about educating children, breastfeeding, and even circumcision. In one Discord post, she discusses the “Continuum Concept,” a term coined by Jean Liedloff who argues that humans are evolutionarily designed to achieve an optimal state of existence. Volkmom takes issue with Liedloff’s work:

What I dislike about Continuum Concept is that i feel like it is in some ways anti-White, and also her observations of childbearing within the primitive South American tribes are put on a pedestal, disregarding European tradition, and I feel like for us we need to find a balance when seeking nature/rhythmic lifestyles, bc we generally lack resources for our own historical info- many aspiring Whites tend to internalize what literature and research that does exist – being that of “indigenous” tribes of the globe. While some of it can be of use, I find that deep down, much of it doesn’t resonate as it once did, simply bc it it doesn’t represent our folk ways.  

Liedloff based her claims on her experiences with a group indigenous to Venezuela, and Volkmom is quick to recognize that indigenous people are at the core of Liedloff’s work. And Volkmom particularly resents indigenous people:

“They [Native Americans] can’t use the term ‘genocide’… Technically we have created conditions for them to prosper, although they do not today for other reasons.”

“The word ‘indigenous’ only means poc to leftists… They conveniently forget about when it comes to Europeans.”

Volkmom’s emphasis in her posts and in her YouTube videos on agrarianism and the rejection of modernity are, in that way, part and parcel with these more explicitly racist expressions. By and large, IE/AmIM has been successful because it encourages its members to steer away from fascist language and focus on the apparently more positive elements of the Neo-Nazi movement. It uses carefully coded symbols and language in order to spread Nazi ideas. However, it is our contention that this is the main reason why IE/AmIM poses a threat. We can see this in the case of Nolan Brewer, and in the way Brewer characterizes the organization. 

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