Why should you be worried?

People should be allowed to believe whatever they want. However, some beliefs – such as that white people are naturally superior to others – are inherently harmful to society. Therefore, we have chosen to use the power of free speech to inform the community about the people who are working to indoctrinate others into Neo-Nazism. There are many reasons to be concerned that IE/AmIM could escalate its activities here or anywhere in the country. It’s important to underscore that IE/AmIM has substantial numbers, financial resources, and financial networks in place for exchanging money between members. This is not necessarily true of groups who more overtly signal their affiliation with Nazism because they have not been as successful at recruitment. However, the greatest threat by far is that rogue members of IE/AmIM will take it upon themselves to attack individual activists or religious buildings in our community on behalf of the organization, or simply to defend their race, which they perceive as under attack, as the Brewers seem to have done in Carmel. 

Both local affiliates of Schooner Creek Farms and Online Neo-Nazi networks have already retaliated against local activists for exposing their presence in our community. Forms of retaliations they have experienced include,

Here are some highlights from the National Vanguard article:

  • The Bloomington Farmers’ Market has been a touchstone of the community for years. But over the past week it’s become the center of anti-White censorship efforts, the public face of which is an evidently Asian woman named Abby Ang, an Indiana University Associate Instructor and full-time anti-White activist.
  • Thomas Westgard is a local who has joined Ang in “rooting out” what they call “fascists.” He spent many days studying IE posts and photos until he found one that “proved” that Dye and Mackey held “forbidden” views on social issues.
  • Ang, who speaks in an odd voice that sounds like she is mocking a mentally retarded person, said she “found out about Schooner Creek Farm” from a friend on Facebook.
  • “Bloomington United” is one of the front groups in which Ang serves as a public, non-Jewish face. The parent group’s (“Not in Our Town”) slogans include “Stop hate together” and “No hate in our town.” These anti-White haters typically employ a strategy of characterizing any resistance by Whites to their own replacement and genocide as “hate.”
  • Ang works closely with an extreme left organization calling itself the “Indivisible Project,” whose co-founders and co-Executive Directors are Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg. Levin and Greenberg are Jews.

Articles like this are designed to rile up members of the white supremacist groups that read them. They include personal details about the activists to encourage and incite retaliation against them. In this way, IE/AmIM does not need to explicitly direct its members to retaliate. It can simply name them, sensationalize their story, and stir up their followers to act on their own. Someone like Nolan Brewer can then find this information and act accordingly. 

Members of IE/AmIM may also be members of other groups. Nolan Brewer mentions he is part of several different “organizations,” many on Discord, including a group of “National Socialists” and the “Traditionalist Workers Party.” IE/AmIM is just one branch of a much broader network of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists who support one another. The National Vanguard article is also a good example of how that network functions.

Finally, IE/AmIM is effective at recruitment, learning from the mistakes of other supremacist groups and following the lead of French and other successful European movements. Whereas many groups have fallen apart in the wake of Charlottesville, IE/AIM has grown: “According to their own account, Identity Evropa had roughly 1,000 members during the first month of 2018 and aims to reach 5,000 by the end of the year.” (SPLC)