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No Space For Hate’s Research team provides information about local hate group activity, particularly in Southern Indiana. To get the latest updates, follow us on Twitter or Facebook


Ask Etsy to Remove SCF

Ask Etsy to Take Down Schooner Creek Farm’s Store You must be signed into an Etsy account to report a store. Go to the SCF Etsy store: Scroll down & click on “Report this store to Etsy” (left-hand side on your browser).  Select “They sell items that don’t meet Etsy’s policies” followed by “prohibited […]

Open Letter to Go Fund Me Executives

Download the PDF February 1, 2021 Dear Executives of Go Fund Me, We are members of No Space for Hate, a research group that tracks far-right extremist and white nationalist activity in the Midwest. We write to you today with concerns about the campaign started by Sarah Dye of Schooner Creek Farm, a white nationalist […]

White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus

White Nationalist Recruitment on IU’s Campus Download the PDF For many people in Bloomington and at Indiana University, Neo-Nazi and Neo-Fascist recruitment is reprehensible but free speech, and therefore falls under the protections and privileges enumerated in the first amendment. [1] This attitude toward hate speech and imagery ignores the way hate groups utilize encoded […]

Sarah Dye’s Pack

Meet Karissa and Christopher Pack. Karissa (aka “Lady LaSSarus,” emphasis on the “SS”) and Christopher are Sarah Dye’s latest deep connection to violent white nationalism. To explain who they are, we have to talk about the “Traditionalist Worker Party.” In his FBI interview and defense, Nolan Brewer, one of the individuals who attacked a synagogue […]

The Market in Context: A Timeline

A detailed list of key events and publications around the issue of white supremacy in the Bloomington Community Farmers Market. TIMELINE Tips for using this timeline: Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page if you want to select a position on the timeline itself. You can change the scale […]

Alt-right IU Professor

Racist, sexist IU Professor shares his hateful views with the Twitterverse IU claims they can’t fire him because his hate is protected by the First Amendment, but we highly doubt that a person like this can be impartial with students. We are calling on IU to investigate any instances of discrimination by Rasmusen. Read More: […]

Ásatrú, Neo-Nazism, and Free Speech

Ásatrú, Neo-Nazism, and Free Speech: Updates on Volkmom and the Farmers’ Market Protests PDF Download Credit to The Bloomingtonian Preface: “Just don’t buy from them” The bulk of this report concerns Ásatrú, a Neo-pagan religion based on Norse mythology that has, to the dismay of many adherents, been frequently appropriated by Neo-Nazis. [1] As we […]

Informational Videos

At No Space for Hate, we aim to provide quality, up to date information about the white supremacist vendors in our Farmers’ Market as well as their allies and affiliated organizations. Please check out our YouTube channel for informational videos about white supremacy in Bloomington’s Farmers’ Market.

American Identity Movement in Bloomington: Responses & Reactions

Photograph from Indiana Public Media News Recently, our community learned that the proprietors of Schooner Creek Farms—Sarah Dye and Douglas Mackey—were named as members of a Neo-Nazi organization in an FBI interview with a man who attacked a synagogue in Carmel. He identified them as members of a group called Identity Evropa, and he provided […]

Volkmom, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, and the Safety of Our Community

Download PDF Image source: Recently, activists in Bloomington have raised concerns about the presence of members of a white supremacist organization called “Identity Evropa” (recently rebranded as the “American Identity Movement”) in the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. This report explains why residents of Bloomington are concerned about white supremacists at the Market. It discusses […]

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