Sarah Dye's Pack

Meet Karissa and Christopher Pack. Karissa (aka “Lady LaSSarus,” emphasis on the “SS”) and Christopher are Sarah Dye’s latest deep connection to violent white nationalism. To explain who they are, we have to talk about the “Traditionalist Worker Party.” In his FBI interview and defense, Nolan Brewer, one of the individuals who attacked a synagogue in Carmel and whose FBI interview connected Volkmom to Sarah Dye, attempted to show that he was radicalized by his wife, Kiyomi Brewer. He mentioned her being part of a Neo-Nazi organization called the “Traditionalist Workers Party.” [1] TWP is part of the “identitarian” movement, and it is notable for its virulent anti-Semitism and other overt indicators of Nazism.


The TWP was founded by Matthew Heimbach (first as the “Traditionalist Youth Network”). Heimbach has had a wide-reaching influence among Neo-Nazis for several years, and his history of violence is especially notable. He came to public prominence in 2016 for shoving a black woman at a Trump rally and later again in 2018 when he was arrested for domestic battery [2]. The Guardian reported that Heimbach’s arrest “occurred just days after images appeared of Heimbach, teeth gritted, grappling with an anti-Nazi protester on the campus of Michigan State University, where chaos ensued over an appearance by the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.” [3] According to the SPLC, he has started numerous hate groups besides the TWP, has a consistent record of violence, and has openly espoused a white ethnostate while also working with groups like the National Socialists. [4] At one point, Heimbach attempted to help the National Socialists (another name for Nazism) bring the Klan into their movement. [5]


Heimbach and his followers believe that white people are under threat from incursion by “minorities” and immigration. In addition to calling for a white ethnostate, Heimbach has made multiple attempts to incite violence against people of color, including through the “White Student Union” he founded at his alma mater. [6] Like many other white nationalists, notably Sarah Dye and her cohort on “Midgard Rising,” Heimbach believes that a race war is coming. One of the most popular representations of this imaginary war can be found in William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries. This work glorifies race war, and it has inspired numerous domestic terrorist attacks, including the Oklahoma City Bombings. We have a recording of Dye “hailing” William Pierce on her white supremacist podcast.


Yet another Traditionalist Workers Party member has emerged in Dye’s circle, and this one is much closer. This afternoon (February 9), Dye released the first of what she hopes will be a series of podcasts with two other women called “Hearth and Helm.” They are all pictured below. Karissa Pack is Christopher Pack’s wife, and Christopher was a prominent TWP member:


“Christopher began networking and building a relationship with [Matthew Heimbach] the leader of the now-defunct white nationalist group the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). This is when Pack started his career with TWP and eventually worked his way up in ranks to become a ‘Major’. Karissa is not only complicit through association, but actively supports and takes part in fascist organizing herself throughout their years in the white power movement.” [7]


Christopher Pack has been active on Schooner Creek Farm’s Facebook page lately. According to the activists who have been tracking Pack, “His posts are almost exclusively about Nazism, anti-semitism, white nationalism and conspiracy theories. He makes no qualms about being a national socialist and allegedly has read most of the current white supremacist cannon. Karissa Anne Herbst Pack, his wife, also loves to engage with her husbands anti-Semitic online chatter.” [8] Karissa herself has appeared on RedIce TV with Lana Lokteff. Sarah Dye not only has an active relationship with these people, she is eager to make it public. How long will the City of Bloomington wait for Dye to prove that her beliefs are inherently violent? How long will powerful entities in this community insist on the fantasy that it is protesters and not Neo-Nazis who are the threat?


[1] Nolan Brewer (to the FBI): “she was with them for like a couple of months before it dissolved cause they, they

had pretty decent views but then there was like the whole Heimbach scandal and then… they disintegrated and she’s like well that—that went wonderful, so then she was trying to—cause she got used to being able to talk with people and then it was just gone, so then she wanted to try and find people again so she was getting on Discord for it” 





[6] See link above: “In the spring of 2013, during his last semester at Towson, Heimbach organized a student night patrol to combat what he called a “black crime wave.” Along with three other students, he patrolled the campus with police flashlights and pepper spray.”


[8] See note 7