The Market in Context: A Timeline

A detailed list of key events and publications around the issue of white supremacy in the Bloomington Community Farmers Market.

Tips for using this timeline: Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page if you want to select a position on the timeline itself. You can change the scale of the timeline at the bottom on the left-hand side. If you hold & click on the timeline at the bottom, you can move it in either direction. You can select events on the timeline itself either by clicking on the dot or hovering over the title. If you want to skip a large empty space on the timeline, click on the farthest event and then use the arrows on the side of the browser to skip to the next event.

Correction: We originally listed Charles Martinez as having visited the market 7/27/19; he was actually there on 7/20/19. We have updated the timeline to reflect this.

In addition to the interactive timeline, you can also visit our Google Spreadsheet.

Finally, we are always looking to improve our timeline. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please use our Google Form.

BCFM: Bloomington Community Farmers Market
SCF: Schooner Creek Farm
IE: Identity Evropa
AmIM: American Identity Movement
MGR: Midgard Rising
HT: The Herald Times